Is it illegal to hit someone with glasses?

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Can someone hit someone with glasses ? – Legal Answers

1 answerNo, someone cannot hit someone with glasses. That is traditionally a long-standing and generally accepted societal norm.. => Read Now

If you snatch their glasses away without harm to the person …

1 answerCan you sue? Yes. However, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. First, when you snatched the other guy’s glasses, …. => Read Now

Is it still not OK to hit someone with glasses? – Reddit

Always good to slap them off first. You don’t want to risk blinding someone, That will probably bring the assault charges down to 2nd possibly 1st degree.. => Read Now

Why is it considered poor form to hit someone who’s wearing …

18 answersBecause it’s totally disrespectful, a glasses is not cheap and it becomes almost like a part of our body. You slap it away will meant you are definitely picking …. => Read Now

What does it means when people say ‘You wouldn’t hit a guy …

5 answersUsually it is just because glasses are a sign of weakness. Clark Kent could hide behind glasses and in doing so people perceived him as weak. Thus, hitting …. => Read More

Would I be charged with murder if I switched glasses knowing …

9 answersI’m thinking you can claim self defense. But the first thing you have to do is avoid saying that you “know” put “poison” in your glass.. => Read More

Hitting a person with glasses – Newgrounds

No, to me, you can hit them if you like to, as long as there is reason to it other than him/her wearing glasses.. => Read More

You Wouldn’t Hit a Guy with Glasses? – TV Tropes

For anyone with poor eyesight, Hold My Glasses is still a good idea prior to a fight, because while the lenses may not shatter, the frames that hold the lenses …. => Read More

Is it illegal to tell someone you will beat them up? – Ulmerstudios

Is it legal to hit someone with your glasses? — ? IF the glasses are broken or contribute to a more significant injury then the charges and/or …. => Read More

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